Castle Marrach - The Forever Winter


artworkThis is the tutorial for Castle Marrach. If you've never played a text-dominant game before, you're in the right place. Getting the computer to understand what you want to do can be just slightly tricky. You have to type English in a way that it understands. This tutorial gives you a crash course in "Marrach Imperative", the language that you'll using to play Castle Marrach. It's really just English, but you need to understand the way that Castle Marrach expects to receive commands.

Scattered throughout this document you'll find examples of an intrepid explorer wending his ways through a strange realm. It's not quite Castle Marrach that he's exploring, but it might be a nearby realm.

If you want to get started now, return to the Castle Marrach page and click the "Play" button. When the Castle Marrach client pops up, click on the two buttons to the right, "Getting Started" and "Mastering Chat". They'll give you a whirlwind 2-minute course in how to get around in Castle Marrach.

You might want to return here later for continuing study.

This document is an attempt to help a player totally unfamiliar with text-dominant games to enjoy Castle Marrach. If you find any part of this document to be unclear or confusing, please mail us at, so that we can continue to improve this tutorial.


9. Dueling

11. Consent

12. Help!

Appendix I: Important Commands

Appendix II: Parts of Speech

Appendix III: Further Studies

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