Castle Marrach - The Forever Winter


12) Help!

Hopefully at this point you're wandering around Castle Marrach, meeting people, finding things, and in general enjoying yourself. If you're still having problems, and another read through this document doesn't solve them, we've got several routes set up for you to get more help.


Reading the Help Files

There are numerous help files available. Type "help" for a basic listing. Type "help concepts" for a listing of help files on major concepts within Castle Marrach (like communication and manipulation and dueling and more).

Posting to the Forums

Skotos maintains a bulletin board at specifically for Castle Marrach. Read through the topics there. Some of your questions may already have been answered.

Talking to Skotos Support Staff

Skotos maintains in-house support staff from 3-11pm PST Wednesday-Sunday. If you're having troubles and can't figure out a solution by other methods, talk to us. The best way is with the "assist" command, as that will get you the fastest customer service we can manage during support hours:

      > assist "I'm stuck in a shed and I can't get out!"
      Your message has been sent to our Customer Experience
      department, you will be contacted shortly.


You can also send email to Customer Experience at Responses to email are considerably slower than to the "assist" command--within 48 hours during normal service times.

That's it! If there is anything that wasn't explained in this tutorial or that you found confusing, please mail so that we can improve it for future players.

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