Castle Marrach - The Forever Winter


Appendix I: List of Important Commands

The following is a list of commands that were used in this tutorial. The actual list of commands available to Castle Marrach users is much, much larger than this, but this is a decent starting place for beginning your explorations of the Castle.

Adverbs: acidly, angrily, arrogantly, dismissively, dreamily, gracefully, haughtily, humbly, impatiently, ironically, quietly, ruefully, sagely, sharply, slowly, slyly, thoughtfully, truthfully, warily, zealously, zestfully, zestily.

Cardinals: one, three, two.

Ordinals: first, second, third.

Possessives: my.

Prepositions: at, before, below, beneath, by, in, on, near, through, to.

Pronouns: her, him, it, me.

Verbs: ", accept, advance, allow, announce, apologize, approach, ask, assist, bow, continue, crawl, crouch, cut, deny, dodge, drop, duel, enter, examine, exits, feint, frown, give, go, guard, gulp, help, i, nventory, kneel, lie, look, meditate, n, nod, north, point, pose, place, pray, proclaim, put, question, refuse, remove, reply, rest, retire, run, saunter, say, shout, sit, skip, sleep, smile, smirk, snort, southwest, sprint, stand, stare, state, stride, surrender, sw, take, thank, throw, thrust, trot, walk, wave, wear, whisper, whistle, wield, wonder.

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