Castle Marrach - The Forever Winter


7) Movement: Graduate Studies

You've mastered both basic & advanced movement by this point. You can move from room-to-room by using directions or the "enter" command. You can move about within a room by using the "approach" command and stances.

However, there is one complexity that can be used to modify most of the above forms of movement: gaits.

Gaits are specific types of movement. They denote how you're moving, how fast you're moving, and, possibly, some of the emotion behind your movement. Examples of gaits including: walk, run, crawl, trot, and sprint.

As of the Castle Marrach release, the gait functionality is not yet implemented. The exact responses of the system to gait commands may slightly vary. The gait functionality should become available in the next few weeks.


Moving Inside Rooms with Gaits

Gaits can be used to move about inside rooms. This syntax is "[gait] to [object]". Gaits within a room don't directly correlate to either approaches or stances, because they don't match the two-step approach model for people and they don't leave you positioned in a certain stance related to an object. However, you can take a stance after you've gaited to an object.

      > stride to throne
      You stand up.
      You stride from the southern table to the ebony throne.

      > kneel
      You kneel before the ebony throne.

      > state truthfully "I will carry out your task, m'lady."
      You state truthfully "I will carry out your task, m'lady."


Moving through Exits with Gaits

Gaits may also be use to move through entrances by using the "through" preposition: "[gait] through [exit]". This is identical to typing "enter [exit]", except there is a special gait associated with the movement.

      > saunter through onyx door
      You stand up.
      You saunter through the onyx door...

      You are in a narrow passage lined by alternating black and red
      You are standing near the onyx door.


Moving in Directions with Gaits

Finally, you can use gaits to move in a certain direction by typing "[gait] direction". This is identical to typing "go [direction]" (or one of the abbreviations), except there is a gait associated with the movement.

      > trot south
      You begin to trot south...

      You are in a large cavern, lit by eerily glowing gems.

      You are standing near the onyx door.


And with that, the character is back in the room he started in, where he believes Camille's onyxes are located.

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