Castle Marrach - The Forever Winter


9) Dueling

Sometimes you're just not going to be able to get along with someone. This is often the cause for a duel. There are very specific rules for dueling in Castle Marrach. They are described in the Castle Marrach Player's Book, 2nd Edition. In short, you have to wait at least a day to duel, you need the Queen's permission, and you must have a second.

Trapped in strange gem-covered caverns, our character doesn't feel the need to obey these niceties... and neither does Cameo.

At the time of the writing of this document, the dueling commands are still under construction. The dueling system at the time of launch should work similar to this document, but there might be slight variations. This section of the tutorial will be updated sometime after the Castle Marrach launch.


Beginning a Duel

In Castle Marrach, duels are consensual, which means that both parties must accept before a duel commences. Duels begin with the "duel" command.

      > duel cameo
      You challenge Cameo to a duel.

      Cameo accepts your challenge.


Fighting a Duel

While in a duel you will choose from a set of standard dueling commands. These maneuvers will be compared to the maneuvers of your opponent and modified by a random number. Afterward, a composite result will be output to both duelists (and the spectators).

  • There are three types of attacks in dueling: cut, feint, and thrust.
  • There are two types of defense in dueling: dodge and guard.
  • There are two types of movement in dueling: advance (forward) and retire (backward).
  • Rest is a special maneuver which lets you regain your wind, but it may be dangerous if your opponent is attacking.
  • Surrender is a special maneuver which ends the duel.

Each maneuver takes a few seconds of time and you won't be able to take other actions in the interim (as with examining and moving between rooms).

      > thrust
      You attack Cameo; he parries while pulling back his blade.
      As you recover, Cameo launches a thrust a you -- which you
      barely parry.
      > thrust
      You thrust at Cameo, who desparately scrambles to get his sword
      in the way. Even as you pull your weapon back, you quickly parry
      one of Cameo's thrusts.

Although all characters in Castle Marrach start off with the same list of dueling maneuver, there is opportunity for improvement. Many dueling-related skills can be learned in the castle. Some of these improve the skill of existing maneuvers while others make entirely new dueling maneuvers available.

Currently, adverbs cannot be used in conjunction with the dueling maneuvers--you can't thrust quickly, for example. This functionality may be added in a future version of the dueling system.

Ending a Duel

Successful maneuvers fatigue your opponent. As you (or your opponent) get more fatigued, you'll get sloppier in your dueling maneuvers. Some duelists may choose to use the "surrender" maneuver when it is obvious that they are getting the worst of a duel. Others, however, will stick it out to the bitter end.

      > cut
      You quickly knock Cameo's weapon aside and cut him with your
      own blade. You win the duel; Cameo is the loser.

You'll eventually be able to duel for specific things--such as an object that two people might be contesting. However, in the current version of duelling everything is entirely based on honor. Of course, in Castle Marrach honor (and favor) is everything...

If you win a duel, you'll probably be able to do whatever your opponent was opposed to.

      Cameo humbly bows.
      Cameo states, "I shall bother you no more."
      Cameo disappears in a puff of black smoke.

      > take three onyx
      You take the onyx, the onyx and the onyx.

      > skip to golden door
      You skip from the middle of the cavern to the golden door.

      > take earring
      You take a white gold earring.

      > wear earring
      You wear a white gold earring.

      > n
      You begin to move north...

      You are in a narrow passage lined by alternating black and red
      You are standing near the golden door.

      > enter onyx door
      You enter the onyx door...

      You are in a room cut entirely from a giant onyx. It is lit
      with a dim, gray light.

      Camille is sitting on an ebony throne.

      You are standing near the onyx door.

      Camille smiles at you.

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