Castle Marrach - The Forever Winter


10) Communication: Advanced Studies

You've already got all the basics of communication down. A variety of speaking and gesturing verbs can be used in conjunction with adverbs and prepositions to allow for very rich conversations. But wait, there's more. There are a few more advanced types of communication which you can use to add emotional content to interactions with others, including advanced evocations and poses.


Using Advanced Evocations

Evocations are verbs which allow you to say something. You've already met a number of them, including: proclaim, say, shout, and whisper. However, a number of other verbs which are technically gestures can also be used as evocations. You can smile and say something at the same time, or frown or laugh.

Not all gestures support evocations... for many it's not appropriate. If you try and evoke with a gesture that doesn't support evokes, you'll get the message "That makes no sense" (even though it may).

But, when you use gestures that do support evoke, you'll add a lot of emotion to your speech.

      > smile at camille "I have succeeded at your task, m'lady"
      You smile at Camille, "I have succeeded at your task, m'lady"

      > frown ruefully "Your brother was scarcely a problem"
      You frown ruefully, "Your brother was scarcely a problem"

      Camille nods.



You've met lots of gestures that were transitory. You smile and after an instant, the smile is gone, scrolling up your screen. You can also offer a more continuing expression of your emotions. This is a pose.

In some ways, poses are similar to stances. However, where stances show a continuing expression of your interaction with the outer world (the room you're in), poses show a continuing expression of the interaction with your inner world (your emotions).

There are a number of poses you can use, including "meditate", "sleep", and "pray". However the most useful pose command is "appear" (or "pose") which you can use to choose a specific emotion your character is feeling.

Poses will give a message when you enter the pose and another message when you exit the pose. In addition anyone who looks at your while you are in a pose will see it.

As of the Castle Marrach release, the pose functionality is not yet implemented. The exact responses of the system to pose commands may slightly vary. The pose functionality should become available in the next few weeks.

      > appear happy
      You appear happy.

      > look at me
      A fearless adventurer. You are happy. You are carrying an onyx 
      wand and three onyx. You are wielding a black sword. You are 
      wearing a tunic, a pair of sandals, a white gold earring and a 
      black felt hat.


A pose remains until you move, after which you must reset it.

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