Castle Marrach - The Forever Winter


11) Consent

You've already been briefly introduced to consent. The basic idea is that, in Castle Marrach, things can't happen to you without your agreeing to them. There are three main categories where consent is needed:

  • When you move "near" someone
  • When you duel someone
  • When you trade objects with someone

You've already been introduced to the consensual dueling system. More information on approaching and trading follows.


Approaching & Being Approached

There are two ways that you can get near someone: either by typing "approach" twice for that person or by using a stance to move right up to that person ("stand by camille"). In either situation, the person you're approaching will be asked whether your approach is OK.

      Camille stands up.
      Camille moves from the ebony throne to the onyx door.
      Camille tries to approach you. This requires your consent. Type
      "allow Camille" or "deny Camille".

      > allow Camille
      Camille moves from the onyx door to you.
      You allow Camille to approach you.

      Camille says, "You have done well. You must give my onyx to me."


Camille would have seen similar messages to those you saw. She would have approached your prox, then she would have been told that to approach you required your consent. After you gave your consent, her final approach of you automatically succeeded.

Trading Items

      > say warily to camille "First tell me of this place."
      You say warily to Camille, "First tell me of this place."

      Camille snorts.
      Camille says dismissively, "You're dreaming. You just need to      
      wake up."

      > frown
      You frown.


In order to give an object to someone, type "give [object] to [person]". The person will then be asked if they would like to receive the object. In order to receive an object from someone, type "accept [object]". In order to refuse an object, type "refuse [object]".

      > give three onyx to camille
      You offer three onyx to Camille.

      Camille accepts three onyx from you.
      Camille takes three onyx.
      Camille smiles, "You do not know the good you have done me."

      > smile warily at camille
      You smile warily at Camille.

      Camille says, "Take this. It will aid you in your own world."
      Camille offers you a black brooch.

      > accept black brooch
      You accept a black brooch from Camille.
      You take a black brooch.

      Camille says, "Now, wake up!"

      > wake
      You wake up.

      > inventory
      You are carrying a black brooch. You are wearing pajamas.

      > look at black brooch
      The black brooch is made of onyx. It is a cameo.

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