Castle Marrach - The Forever Winter


1) Using the Imperative

As soon as you finish the Castle Marrach Start Story you'll be thrown headfirst in the world of Castle Marrach. You'll see a description of your locale and a very daunting prompt, waiting for your attention.

      You fall headfirst through the magical mirror...

      You're falling, falling forever, surrounded by blackness.

      Abruptly, you come to a halt and for a moment you can feel
      the impact in your teeth. The blackness slowly fades away
      and you can see first colors, then shapes. Everything come
      into focus...

      You are in a large cavern, lit by eerily glowing gems.

      You are standing in the middle of the cavern.


That ">" is your prompt. It lets you know that your alterego is waiting his or her next command. Now its your turn to direct their fate.

When instructing your character, you'll be using imperatives. These are commands (like "stop!" or "heel!" in real life). There's no need to include a pronoun (like "you" or "I"). Just input the command that you want your character to follow.

You need to use fairly basic sentence structures when commanding your alterego. Most of the basic parts of speech--including nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, possessives, and pronouns--can be used, but you need to form them into simple, clear, and concise commands, not typical English sentences (like this one), full of subclauses and conjunctions.

Here's a few commands that will probably never work in Castle Marrach, due to the limitations of current artificial intelligence:

      > look around the cavern and see what's interesting 
      > squint to make out more details in the darkness 
      > wait for my eyes to adjust to the dark 
      > look up to see where I fell from 

Each of the above commands would return the response "What?" That's Marrach Imperative for "I can't figure out what you want me to do."

The rest of this document is all about the clear and concise commands that Castle Marrach requires to instruct your alterego in his or her tasks. It's broken down into a number of categories of action which Castle Marrach understands.

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