Castle Marrach - The Forever Winter

Maps of the Inner Bailey

First Floor

Important Locations on the Inner Bailey First Floor:

Banquet Hall: An ostentatious dining hall, used by the upper classes. It has been known to have played host to Breakfasts and Dinners held by Royalty.

Collegium: The Royal Collegium's common room, where the literary hang out on their off bells discussing their latest theories.

Garden: A wintery paradise, frequented by Her Grace on occasion.

Great Bridge: Between the Inner and Outer Bailey is the Great Bridge. Arching between the baileys of the castle, this multi-leveled bridge hangs over the huge crevasse that splits the mountaintop in two. Guards stand here, preventing those who are not Honored Guests from entering the Inner Bailey.

Guest Suite: The lowest floor of the three sets of luxurious suites allocated to those lucky enough to live within the walls of the Inner Bailey.

Library: The newly re-opened Royal Library. The shelves are still woefully empty.

Throne Room: A grandly decorated room, complete with Ice throne. This is where the Queen holds Royal Court.

First Floor